What we do

Gemba is the Japanese word that means the place where a task takes place, so Gemba Walk is the in-situ observation of processes, allowing identification of wastes, and flows, interacting with process participants.

Gemba Walk

It’s a 5-day workshop focusing on a specific process, in which process professionals are empowered to eliminate waste, reduce workload, and increase patient satisfaction, all the while ensuring increased quality.

It is designed based on the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA).

Fast improvement workshop

Create the functional and organizational conditions to ensure a Lean culture in your Hospital or any organization that provides health care. This development is supported by a competency-building program across the organization.

Organizational transformation

Developing Lean Competencies – Learning By Doing:

  • External training (individual)
  • Internal training at a health organization

Lean training