Who We Are

“Zero defect” in health is the making of a health system that goes through the involvement of all, managers and health professionals, putting the patient first in everything they do.

This is only possible with a high level of collaboration and work in multidisciplinary teams, which can allow for organizational change, seeking day to day to achieve a defect-free system for patients.

This is the vision that made us create the Lean Health Portugal brand, with the aim of contributing to ensure the quality that we all seek in health. Increasing efficiency through the constant elimination of waste.

Lean Health Portugal was created in 2013, resulting from a felt need during a doctoral project on the application of Lean in the articulation of primary health care.

Believing that with the support of Lean methodologies and an adequate Leadership, it is possible to make every day-to-day professionals feel they are heard whenever they identify a suggestion of improvement, thus creating a true culture of continuous improvement.